It began with a plan...

This project began May 1st, 2011 when Eric Bersinger and Josh Woods paddled The Bartram Canoe Trail on Durbin Creek. What we found that day was the launch area full of illegally dumped trash and a creek that had been ignored for years. Fallen trees and log jams made this beautiful creek impossible to paddle. On this day we made our pledge, on this day "The Durbin Creek Wilderness Society" was born...
..and on this day we went to work....

..We are the Waterway Stewards of Durbin Creek and The Historic Bartram Canoe Trail...
..volunteer citizens making a difference by keeping the creek open for everyone to enjoy...

We are the recipients of the prestigious "2012 Green Paddle Award for Waterway Conservation" Presented by The American Canoe Association for outstanding contribution to paddlesport by protecting America's Waterways.

We are the recipients of the 2013 "In The Trenches Award" presented by The Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute of Florida. Our award was given during the 22nd annual Mayors Environmental Awards luncheon with this years theme, Advancing Environmental Stewardship.

..for contact information about this, donation based, conservation, restoration and clean-up non-profit organization, The Clean Waterway Society, Inc email:

..Donations can be mailed to The Clean Waterway Society 1212 Ribbon Road, St. Johns Florida 32259
..with our Sincere Thanks!....

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday to The Clean Waterway Society!
We want to thank our friends, volunteers and partners for helping
us celebrate our 5 year open house at our warehouse on May 20th
 2016. Many thanks to Tommy Lee of Lee & Cates Glass Company, 
Sonny's Barbecue, Jed Steele Wines, Champion Brands Beer,
Executive Chef Justin Bick of Ruth's Chris Steak House for our
Charcuterie Display and our terrific birthday cake! 
Photographer Doug Eng for his beautiful framed print and
volunteer photos, JSO Officer Jimmy Collins and 
Turning Point Kayaks.
We can't thank you all enough!!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Low Water Durbin 4/3/2016

 ..I paddled today with Dennis Thompson owner of 
Adventure Kayak Florida on Durbin Creek..

...Durbin Creek is really low..we need some rain!..

 ..Dennis and I had an amazing encounter with a pair of
Prothonotary Warblers that nest in tree cavities in April and May..

 ..We were lucky enough to watch him feed on a caterpillar!...

..Dennis Thompson in the noble shadow of a Gigantic
 Cypress tree on the banks of Durbin Creek...
If you are looking to book a paddling trip, please check out

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

..Durbin Creek in Flood Stage Now!...

..Presently, Durbin Creek is in Winter Flood Stage due to the storms
 from last week. Now is premium paddling so don't wait!!
As you can see the park area is a bit flooded and an idiot southern 
redneck sportsman poacher dumped a butchered doe deer's remains
 in the creek at the park...2/9/16

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Winter on Durbin

 ..The Bartram Canoe Trail's Winter Face..

 This is the scene at the end of the trail through the 
Julington-Durbin Preserve. The Historic Sampson's Grade
 Bridge Crossing drifts off in our memories..

Enjoying our "Summer Winter" with my son Justin Bersinger

..Spider Lily's  are in full bloom throughout the swamp.. this..

Thursday, December 24, 2015

We could use some help

..As we are approaching our 5th year of volunteer citizen
waterway stewardship, we could really use some funds
 for operational costs. You get to enjoy a carefree paddle
 on The Bartram Canoe Trail because of 2 guys!
..If you believe in what we are doing....
please consider a donation toward our efforts..
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2016!!
...Eric and Josh...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Discover Pottsburg Creek

 ...Pottsburg Creek is a beautiful, urban, 16 mile creek,
this is Big Pottsburg Creek Preserve...

 ..Josh, myself and Scott Aston cleaned a section of 
Pottsburg Creek today...

..That's right, December 13th in the 80s,
This is paddling season!...

 ..Josh and I paddled the creek and found a tremendous
 amount of trash in this creek...

..Pottsburg Creek is mainly fed by rainwater, retention ponds
 and storm drain runoff..

Saturday, December 5, 2015

McCoy's Creek Art Center coming soon...

..We are going to improve a section of McCoy's Creek that
continues to gather surface trash and has several areas with an
 invasive plant overgrowth that blocks the surface waters from
 their natural ability to flow in and out with the tide...

..Ground zero for this effort is in front of Cash Building
 Materials Company on McCoy's Creek Blvd. We want to 
improve McCoy's so we can paddle directly to
Jeffery Edelson's McCoy's Creek Art Center
 located just west of here...

..This is an example of what needs to be cleared to 
open the creek for paddlers, this clog is east toward I-10.
Can't you just "call some agency" to clean the trash, cut the
 overgrown trees, restore the surface waters of our local creeks?
...No you can't...

...Pretty McCoy's Creek view right?..not so fast, 
see the outflow pipe in lower left..

..Nasty chemicals flowing directly into McCoy's Creek..

..This is sad to see...

..This is the drainage ditch full of chemicals feeding the creek...

..A view from the Myrtle Avenue Bridge with "the all too familiar"
 shopping cart tossed in the creek...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

...Bummer on Durbin Creek...

"The Celestina Community" on Race Track Road, behind 2 Private
 Gates, is building some type of  Large Dock structure directly on
 Durbin Creek.Those are historic bridge pilings from
"Sampson's Grade" on the right, pulled out of the
 creek and discarded...

 This structure is located across the end of The Red Trail in 
The Julington/Durbin Preserve that you can see across the creek.

 You can also see the poorly constructed, crooked,
water sampling station installed by The United States
Geological Survey folks in Durbin Creek.

..A Bummer on Durbin Creek...

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Durbin Creek Flood Stage 2015

 ...The Bartram Canoe Trail Park...

 ..Heading out for a "Cut Day"...

 ..The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail feeds on the side of 
the overpass...

 ..Josh and I on our pack mule of a canoe...

..Don't miss this opportunity to paddle into Durbin Creek's
magical flooded swamp...

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Heritage River Road Shoreline Clean Up

..We assisted a Coast Guard Crew out of Mayport
 for today's coastal clean up...

..One of the crew members found a fascinating
 "message in a bottle"..

..Today's nylon bundle kept out of the St Johns River...

 ..The Clean Waterway Society wrapping things up..

...Heritage River Road Shoreline is clean once again...

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

30th Annual International Coastal Cleanup Day 2015, Saturday, September 19th

 These bundles of fishing line left behind by fisherman are a
 recurring sight along Hertitage River Road and many 
of our waterways.

 During our cleanups we collect every bundle we see, 
imagine how many end up in our waterways we don't see.

 Many of these will end up blowing into the river and causing
 all kinds of problems for our marine life.

Please join groups from all over the country this Saturday for
 the 30th Annual International Coastal Cleanup Day, 2015. 
We will be cleaning the shoreline along the St. Johns River
at 8414 Heritage River Road, 32226 from 9am to noon. Bags
and gloves will be provided, please wear closed toe shoes and wear
sun protection. For additional information, email us at
..Thank You...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Durbin Creek is in "Super Flood" 9/13/2015

This is The Bartram Canoe Trail in it's Super-flooded 
condition, it's a rare treat to paddle the creek and access
 areas you normally can't get to...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Streaming South by Douglas J. Eng

..Please Visit..
Douglas J. Eng Artist/Photographer
Illuminations from a Journey Home
Florida State College at Jacksonville
Wilson Center for the Arts
August 24th to September 16th 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Paddle the Bartram Canoe Trail!

..Durbin Creek is full of water, the time to paddle is now!!
come and see the buttonbush in bloom...

..The duck boxes are holding strong...

..this is a new tree fall that we will come back to cut,
you can still paddle around it for now...

..this is a great example of a new large maple that fell to create
 a beautiful tree arch that will continue to grow because the 
base is still supported during the fall. This arch his 
highlighted by a massive air plant community..

"Leaves are falling all around, it's time I was on my way"

..indeed, fall is coming to durbin creek....