It began with a plan...

This project began May 1st, 2011 when Eric Bersinger and Josh Woods paddled The Bartram Canoe Trail on Durbin Creek. What we found that day was the launch area full of illegally dumped trash and a creek that had been ignored for years. Fallen trees and log jams made this beautiful creek impossible to paddle. On this day we made our pledge, on this day "The Durbin Creek Wilderness Society" was born...
..and on this day we went to work....

..We are the Waterway Stewards of Durbin Creek and The Historic Bartram Canoe Trail...
..volunteer citizens making a difference by keeping the creek open for everyone to enjoy...

We are the recipients of the prestigious "2012 Green Paddle Award for Waterway Conservation" Presented by The American Canoe Association for outstanding contribution to paddlesport by protecting America's Waterways.

We are the recipients of the 2013 "In The Trenches Award" presented by The Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute of Florida. Our award was given during the 22nd annual Mayors Environmental Awards luncheon with this years theme, Advancing Environmental Stewardship.

..for contact information about this, donation based, conservation, restoration and clean-up non-profit organization, The Clean Waterway Society, Inc email:

..Donations can be mailed to The Clean Waterway Society 1212 Ribbon Road, St. Johns Florida 32259
..with our Sincere Thanks!....

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Goodby's Creek Restoration Project 2017

...Sunday, February 19th 9am to Noon...
Join us for a gigantic one day clean up
 and restoration project of Goodby's Creek headwaters based out
of Tomahawk Park. City Council President Lori Boyer has asked 
us to take on this project as part of her initiative to get more
 people in Jacksonville out on our waterways.When we are done
 on this day you can paddle from Camp Tomahawk to the 
St. Johns River and beyond...

..This is the confluence of Goodby's Creek to the right and 
a disturbing outflow creek to the left flowing north to south..
..A close up of this outflow creek full of orange iron algae..

..The City designated Canoe and Kayak Launch...

..An example of many of the surface water restrictions that 
affect this tidal creek..

..This is the biggest job on the creek..

..This is another example of a great local creek that have become
 impassible to paddlers due to storm damage and no one 
maintaining the creek. Imagine a city this size of Jacksonville
 Florida and there is "no one you can call" to perform this
 kind of technical creek clearing except citizen volunteers!

..No big deal to us..

..This is the backside view of the downed trees
next to San Clerc Road..

..The current tree fall viewed from the bridge on San Clerc..