It began with a plan...

This project began May 1st, 2011 when Eric Bersinger and Josh Woods paddled The Bartram Canoe Trail on Durbin Creek. What we found that day was the launch area full of illegally dumped trash and a creek that had been ignored for years. Fallen trees and log jams made this beautiful creek impossible to paddle. On this day we made our pledge, on this day "The Durbin Creek Wilderness Society" was born...
..and on this day we went to work....

..We are the Waterway Stewards of Durbin Creek and The Historic Bartram Canoe Trail...
..volunteer citizens making a difference by keeping the creek open for everyone to enjoy...

We are the recipients of the prestigious "2012 Green Paddle Award for Waterway Conservation" Presented by The American Canoe Association for outstanding contribution to paddlesport by protecting America's Waterways.

We are the recipients of the 2013 "In The Trenches Award" presented by The Public Trust Environmental Legal Institute of Florida. Our award was given during the 22nd annual Mayors Environmental Awards luncheon with this years theme, Advancing Environmental Stewardship.

..for contact information about this, donation based, conservation, restoration and clean-up non-profit organization, The Clean Waterway Society, Inc email:

..Donations can be mailed to The Clean Waterway Society 1212 Ribbon Road, St. Johns Florida 32259
..with our Sincere Thanks!....

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Bartram Canoe Trail December 2018

 Viewed from the Racetrack Road overpass showing
"the new bend" around and under the
 new construction areas..
This is "playing God" with a natural flowing creek system,
St. Johns County and Florida DOT will do whatever they care
to any waterway that gets in their way of progress..

 This is the view under the overpass looking south,
you see the current wall of water hyacinth overgrowth..

On top of the overpass looking south..

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bartram Canoe Trail Update August 2017

.. The natural flow of Durbin Creek and The Historic
Bartram Canoe Trail are now "Bent Around" the
rock pile of the overpass construction mess...

 ..The newly created "corner to paddle around"..

 The price of St. Johns County's urban sprawl has been 
unleashed upon Durbin Creek...

..Here is the harshest view of Durbin Creek's "reality check"
The arrow in the dirt was the actual line of where Durbin Creek
 used to flow naturally "and you know, minus a couple of 
centennial cypress trees whats the big deal?"

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Bartram Canoe Trail May 2017

 Here is the current view north on Durbin Creek from the new
 Racetrack Road Over Pass project from where there 
used to be a park and there used to be a creek...
..this is so incredibly wrong, look what's left of Durbin Creek..
 What a lovely job DOT and St. John's County 
have done with the creek!!!!!

We just can't wait to paddle the newly carved disaster of a 
local waterway called The Bartram Canoe Trail on Durbin Creek.
Just look how "your desire for progress" manifests itself
 on a natural beautiful area...

Monday, March 27, 2017

Goodby's Creek Waterway Restoration

 ..Smilin Jim Woods up the creek..

 ..This is Citizen Volunteer Waterway Stewardship..

..Working on the natural tree arch, Goodby's Creek
will need more work from us in the near future
to remain fully open for paddling...

..We had 2 canoe crews removing the smaller
 surface restrictions..

..We had an amazing group of volunteers!!!!
We are so very thankful to them all!

..The back side of the tree arch..
Paddling Goodby's creek even after all of the work we did, remains
 a challenge due to the tidal influence. During dead low tide 
even the launch area at Tomahawk Park is inaccessible...

Monday, January 30, 2017

Goodby's Creek Restoration Project 2017

...Sunday, February 19th 9am to Noon...
Join us for a gigantic one day clean up
 and restoration project of Goodby's Creek headwaters based out
of Tomahawk Park. City Council President Lori Boyer has asked 
us to take on this project as part of her initiative to get more
 people in Jacksonville out on our waterways.When we are done
 on this day you can paddle from Camp Tomahawk to the 
St. Johns River and beyond...

..This is the confluence of Goodby's Creek to the right and 
a disturbing outflow creek to the left flowing north to south..
..A close up of this outflow creek full of orange iron algae..

..The City designated Canoe and Kayak Launch...

..An example of many of the surface water restrictions that 
affect this tidal creek..

..This is the biggest job on the creek..

..This is another example of a great local creek that have become
 impassible to paddlers due to storm damage and no one 
maintaining the creek. Imagine a city this size of Jacksonville
 Florida and there is "no one you can call" to perform this
 kind of technical creek clearing except citizen volunteers!

..No big deal to us..

..This is the backside view of the downed trees
next to San Clerc Road..

..The current tree fall viewed from the bridge on San Clerc..

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Grand Centennial Bartram Cypress Tree is Dead

..This tree has stood for centuries and was cut down because it
was in the way of St. Johns County Urban Sprawl. The value of this
beautiful tree was not worth the county's or DOT's consideration
 to "wiggle the design" of the roadway
to save this historic treasure..

..St. Johns County Government, Florida Department of
Transportation and the developers of this massive plan
should be ashamed of themselves...

Sunday, November 13, 2016

There once was a park...

..there once was a park... 
For now, the only place to launch and paddle Durbin Creek is 
from the boat ramp next to Clark's Fish Camp and
paddle a long 5 to 6 miles! can't stop what's coming...

..there once was a canoe and kayak launch...

..The Bartram Canoe Trail Park....

 .."the old picnic table view" notice the survey marker
on the north side of the giant cypress, that's bad news for
this amazing tree..

..Take your last look at the grand centennial cypress tree...

Monday, September 12, 2016

State Road 9B Extension Construction

..This is the new bridge being built over Durbin Creek viewed 
from the east. SR 9B will connect I-95 with St. Johns Parkway..
 ..Durbin Creek in the foreground flows from left to right, 
which is, south to north...
..This Giant Fishing Spider hanging out on an old cypress trunk
wondering whats happening to his creek....

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Bartram Canoe Trail Park is Closed

...May 12th, 2011 to September 7th, 2016...
Due to the approaching road and bridge construction we shut down
The Bartram Canoe Trail Park as requested. Josh and I built the
 park and have maintained the park area and waterway for
5 years and 4 months now. We currently have no idea when the new
 launch area and parking lot will be built farther to the north. 
We'll keep you posted.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

You can't stop what's coming

Soon, The Bartram Canoe Trail Park and Launch
as we know it will come to an end forever. We will have
 to remove the picnic table, garbage can, and signage
 to make way for what will be built in it's place.

The new launch area you will access through a lighted
intersection off Racetrack Road to a 20 space parking lot and
 then will have to carry or roll your boats down a very 
long board walk from east to west to access Durbin Creek.
The end is near.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Giant Oak Tree

 ..I tried to tackle this beast today...

.."That's all for now folks" we're going to need some help here.
We have a 20 inch saw for a 40 inch tree! At least you can 
park in the road and get to the launch for now....

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tropical Storm Colin

..This is the view today from the entrance road to 
The Bartram Canoe Trail Park. The storm dropped
a 38 inch oak tree covered in poison ivy across the road. 
We wonder how many new trees might be blocking
 Durbin Creek from this giant storm?
We'll check it out soon...

6/8/2016 Durbin Creek is in flood stage and a great time to paddle, 
after we cut the tree...

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday to The Clean Waterway Society!
We want to thank our friends, volunteers and partners for helping
us celebrate our 5 year open house at our warehouse on May 20th
 2016. Many thanks to Tommy Lee of Lee & Cates Glass Company, 
Sonny's Barbecue, Jed Steele Wines, Champion Brands Beer,
Executive Chef Justin Bick of Ruth's Chris Steak House for our
Charcuterie Display and our terrific birthday cake! 
Photographer Doug Eng for his beautiful framed print and
volunteer photos, JSO Officer Jimmy Collins and 
Turning Point Kayaks.
We can't thank you all enough!!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Low Water Durbin 4/3/2016

 ..I paddled today with Dennis Thompson owner of 
Adventure Kayak Florida on Durbin Creek..

...Durbin Creek is really low..we need some rain!..

 ..Dennis and I had an amazing encounter with a pair of
Prothonotary Warblers that nest in tree cavities in April and May..

 ..We were lucky enough to watch him feed on a caterpillar!...

..Dennis Thompson in the noble shadow of a Gigantic
 Cypress tree on the banks of Durbin Creek...
If you are looking to book a paddling trip, please check out